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The Thrill of the Grill: Barbecue Safely this Father’s Day.

grilling safety tips this father's day released June 19, 2016 | Gulfstream

Firing up the grill is a must for many in the good ole summertime. Not surprisingly, June and July are peak months for grilling accidents.

In fact, a 2015 report from the National Fire Protection Association showed that about 8,600 home fires are caused by grilling accidents annually–84 percent of those being from gas grills. In addition, there are roughly 17,000 hospitalizations each year caused by grill-related accidents.

If grilling is on your agenda this Father’s Day, keep safe with the helpful tips below. Or view the useful grilling video from the NFPA.


  • Whether using propane or charcoal, keep all grilling activities outside.
  • Never leave your grill unattended.
  • Keep traffic, especially small children away from a hot grill as much as possible.
  • If you’ve never operated a grill before, read the instructional manual.
  • Clean your grill after every use. Grease and fat buildup on the grill’s trays can increase flammability.


  • Avoid using any chemical or flammable liquids to speed up the heating process.
  • If you do use charcoal fluid, be sure to keep it away from children.
  • Consider an electric charcoal starter.
  • Let the charcoals cool completely before disposing of them.


  • Be sure to check the gas tank hose before use. Any leaks can be revealed by soapy bubbles when a soap and water solution is applied to the hose.
  • If you find any leaks, be sure to turn off the grill and tank.
  • If leaks persist, or you smell gas at any point, call the fire department. If the leak stops, get a professional to give the grill a once-over before using it again.

Taking precautions like these can leave you and your family worry-free to have a fun, safe Father’s Day.

Thanks, Dad
A special thanks to all the dads who do so much–including cooking up delicious grilled meals.

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