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Plan For Your Pet

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Hurricane season is just around the corner, time to start preparing for the safety of every member of your family…including your pets.


  • Microchip your pet(s)!  Always be sure to register the microchip with the manufacturer and keep your contact information up to date with the microchip company.
  • Make sure your pet(s) wear their collar, rabies and license tags with up-to-date contact information.  It is always good to have a secondary phone number for a friend or family member who does not live in your area, in case you can not be reached.
  • Purchase a pet carrier for each of your pets (write their name, your name and contact information on each one). If your pet has never been in the carrier, it is good to familiarize them before a crisis.

In case you’re away during a disaster or evacuation order, make arrangements well in advance for someone you trust to take your pets and meet you at a specified location. Be sure the person is comfortable with your pets and your pets are familiar with them. Give your emergency caretaker a key to your home and show them where your pets are likely to be (especially if they hide when they’re nervous) and where your disaster supplies are kept.


Make plans before disaster strikes for where you and your pets will go.  If you plan early, there are many different options available.

    • Family or friends outside the evacuation area.
    • Stay at a pet-friendly motel or hotel
    • Find a pet-friendly emergency shelter. Not all shelters take pets, and some require you to pre-register, so make sure you prepare well ahead of time. Most shelters close registration 24-36 hours before the storm.

There are many online sources for pet-friendly hotels/motels and emergency shelters, here are just a few:

~ www.travelpets.com
~ www.dogfriendly.com


  • Enough food (store in an airtight, waterproof container) and water for at least one week.
  • Medicines and medical records: Keep an extra supply of medication your pet takes on a regular basis in a waterproof container.
  • First aid kit including cotton bandage rolls, bandage tape, scissors, antibiotic ointment, latex gloves, isopropyl alcohol and saline solution. Include a pet first aid reference book.
  • Keep copies of your pet’s registration information, vaccination documents and medical records in a waterproof container.
  • Pet litter and litter box, newspapers, paper towels, plastic trash bags and bleach.
  • A picture of you and your pet together: If you become separated a picture will help you document ownership and allow others to help you find your pet. Include detailed information about breed, age, sex, color and distinguishing characteristics.
  • Favorite toys, treats and bedding. Familiar items can help reduce stress for your pet.

Consider having two kits; in one, put everything your pets will need to stay where you are, the other should be a lightweight, smaller version you can take with you if you and your pets have to evacuate.

Get a pet rescue sticker; in the event of an emergency, it will alert rescue personnel that pets are inside your home. Click here to get a free rescue alert sticker from the ASPCA.

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